At first we were very skeptical about the whole Aeroseal process and our home is only 6 years old. After researching this product we decided to try because we have just retired and plan on staying in our home. We noticed a difference almost immediately after GreenHome finished the application. We had to lower the thermostat and our home felt much warmer. Another benefit we saw and felt was the increased air flow coming up further into the room from the registers.

Our heating and cooling gas bill has also been reduced.

We’ve noticed a huge difference in the temperature of our home; it seems to be more even temperature now. We haven’t had to close off all the vents downstairs, which we did when the air conditioner was on, because it was freezing downstairs and still hot upstairs. The furnace fan doesn’t seem to be as noisy or working as hard as it did before.

We have definitely noticed a difference in the force of the air to our 2nd floor. The temperature is much more consistent now throughout the house.

You were at our home Saturday morning to seal our leaking ducts. Just wanted to say that it made a very significant difference. My son-in-law was over on the weekend and was really impressed with the difference it has made but didn’t know about Aeroseal by Greenhome. He has probably emailed you already to do the same thing at his house…

Both you and Connor did a great job and we are most appreciative of not only what you were able to do, but the manner in which you did it. Professional and tenacious.

Thanks again